tax attorney

A Tax Attorney may be your best friend when securing a loan or mortgage, investing your money, preparing your tax returns, settling an estate, and in general, whenever a major financial decision is needed. A tax attorney works closely with the Internal Revenue Service, United States Attorney, federal and state courts, federal grand jury investigations, and in criminal prosecutions and appeals. He represents his clients in civil litigation in federal district and bankruptcy courts and in state courts.

A tax attorney is especially valuable in real estate transactions. Ownership of property is much more complex than simply obtaining all the rights to it. Land and property can at the same time be “owned” in some terms by multiple parties. For instance, a husband and wife can be “owners” of real estate and property that is also saddled by a mortgage and other encumbrances such as a lien. Their neighbor may have rights for a utility line to cross the property and a right for entry and exit to a hemmed in plot of land. Planes have the license to fly through their airspace. Constitutionally, federal and state governments always maintain the right to condemnation (eminent domain) and governments at various levels retain regulatory rights such as zoning, environmental regulation, and building codes.

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